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Our names are Rachel and Johnna, and we are the creators behind the Waymaker Collections. As young adults both of us did work on the island of Hispaniola, Rachel volunteering in the sugar cane fields and schools in the Dominican Republic, and Johnna living in Haiti and working in an orphanage. We met in college, and together we dreamed of changing the world.

Years passed, and our desire to make a real and tangible difference became more forceful. Johnna lived in Haiti for five years, and during that time met so many incredible people, especially hard working women. But Haiti, as the world knows, is crumbling. Johnna has been struggling to financially support some women she knew there, and while praying and driving one day, the idea to support them through a mission like this one popped into her head. Immediately Rachel's face came to mind, and she called her before even finishing her prayers.

Rachel laughed into the phone, and boldly stated, "we should call it Waymaker."

And that was that. We live in different states, both raising young boys. Rachel has three sons, Jaxon, Kai & Thorin, and Johnna is the single mom to Levi, who is half Haitian himself. We started to dream, and combining our skills, we set out to do the Waymaker Collections. 

Each month a new collection is released with 100% of our profits (after expenses) going towards that collection's specific cause.

We all have attachments to certain causes, and through The Waymaker Collections, we aren't limited to who we can help. 

We all want the earrings, but we want them so much more when they're feeding a family, or providing clean water, or ministering to a teen on the streets.

Our goal is to be transparent in our work, bringing you the stories of each non-profit or cause we support, providing you with a real look inside the mission and the heart. We are also dedicated to bringing you beautiful quality products that you'll be proud to purchase.

The world is dark, let's light it up.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Let's keep it simple. The Waymaker Collections help to provide for the needs of different causes through the selling of our collections of high quality products. We want to make a way when all feels lost. We want to be a light in the darkness. Even if it's small, a light is still a light.

We Need Your Support Today!

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